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The Best Eye Shadow Palette UK 2020

If you are starting out in makeup and are looking for a starter palette or you are looking to expand you kit. The Naked 3 palette is just divine.

Firstly the packaging.

It’s not what counts on the inside, it’s what counts on the outside! The Naked3 palette is just stunning. Stunning to look at, stunning display! The taupe-y pink toned, shiny metal looking palette is super luxurious to the touch. From the initial weight of the product, you can feel the quality in your hands. You can feel the beauty gloriously unfold as soon as you open the palette.

The shades.

Lets talk about the shades. There is an array of shimmery shades and mattes. To be precise there are 3 completely matte shades and a total of 9 shimmery/ glittery shades. The matte shades are mandatory transitional shades for every eye makeup lover! The shade ‘Nooner’ and ‘Limit’ are perfect for placing onto the crease. The shade ‘Strange’ is perfect for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow bone.

Apart from the transitional shades there are plenty of colours to play with! The shade ‘Blackheart’ is just stunning to create the perfect smokey eye with a twist. Yes a twist! This is because it contains specs of glitter revealed in a purple mysteriously dark shade. The ultimate show stopping shade!

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There is also a multitude of gold/ nude/ pink metallic- foil like shades that are contained in the palette. These are soft to the touch, yet glide on just like butter. For an instant foiled shimmery affect apply using the warmth of your fingers to get the perfect clean look. Trying this technique will really make the eye shadow pop.

The palette also comes with a dual ended synthetic brush. Yep its very common to not use brushes that come with palettes as often the quality isn’t he best. But no no not with the Naked3 palette. The brush is just fantastic! Its dense enough to apply enough product onto the eyes and soft enough to blend! And of course the number 1 rule in eyeshade is of course blending.

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How does it blend?

Always ensure your lids are clean and free of any extra oils. If you apply the product to oily skin then of course blending is going to be a challenge. The Naked3 shades all blend like a dream! But always remember to keep your skin matte before your apply any eye shadow.

The worse look ever is streaky eye shadow. Do you agree?

Will it crease?

Of course if you have super oily lids and you don’t use primer then of course the answer is yes. But use any primer you have or use your concealer as a base for the eye shadow. This sub- process may seem lengthy but it is very much worth it for crease free eye- shadow. If you do have extra oily lids ensure you set your primer/ concealer with some sort of loose powder. You can alternatively use the shade ‘Strange’ (contained within the palette) to do this. Then go ahead and apply the you eye shadow for crease free stunning eyes!

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