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The Holy Grail Foundation UK 2020?!

One of the best most sought after and popular foundations is definitely the ‘Two faced’ – ‘Born this Way’ foundation. When they say its undetectable boy do they mean it!

Let us begin with the packaging. The glass, frosty bottle is nice and heavy oozing the expensive, high quality quality feeling. One great factor is that in some foundation the text rubs off. No-o! Not this bottle the text is engraved in gold font and remains nicely in tact after plenty of uses.

The shade range.

With up to thirty- five shades there is a shade for you out there! The darkest shade ranges from the shade ‘Ganache’ and the lightest shade is ‘Cloud’. Each bottle is around 30ml which is quite a fair amount of product. Especially as the foundation is medium to full coverage…

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Less is more and a little definitely does go along way!


The coverage is medium to full. This basically means you can build up coverage by layering your foundation to ensure you get a perfect finish. After the application of the product your skin will look super dewy, glowy and just beautiful! Obviously with 2-3 layers of foundation this will be suffice for complete full coverage. But of course you can add more if you wish.


The foundation is oil free – and contains coconut water. This is super nourishing and replenishes the skin’s moisture. The foundation is silky smooth to the touch, if you place a small amount of product between your fingers this will simply melt just like butter into the skin. The foundation is slightly fragranced but not overpowering. It has a refreshingly fresh clean scent.

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How to apply?

There are many methods of application, from using your fingertips, using a moist beauty sponge or even a brush. For the most dewy and glowwy look, use a damp beauty sponge! Simply apply small dots of foundation all over the face using your fingers and remember to bounce the beauty sponge. Whatever you do- do not rub the beauty blender as this will literally smear the foundation fro one place to the other. Bounce quickly all over the face to ensure the foundation is fully blended into the skin. For a more matte look use a brush and stipple in the foundation by pressing in the foundation onto the skin. To get a super flawless look after stippling in the foundation you can use the buffing technique and quickly swirl the brush round and round on your face for the ultimate buffed out foundation. Super flawless and camera ready!

The best thing about this foundation?

Definitely the fact that when you apply this foundation it looks like just you’re your skin! And after a few hours pass by, the foundation looks even better! And it looks soo good just before you take it off which makes you not want to take it off! Your skin illuminates and the radiance is truly astonishing!

This foundation is photography friendly! This means that you do not have to fear the ‘Ghost face flashback’ or that ‘whitish glow’. It photographs beautifully and is long-wearing.

Recommended? Totally!

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