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Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Reviews UK 2020

The most sought after foundation to this date is the one and only HudaBeauty faux filter Foundation.

Now lets put it out there this Foundation has had a lot of critics and also a lot of positives but what we want to share it all!

The bottle comes in 35 ml which is quite a lot of product, it come in stunning packaging, the packaging is a really beautiful. With its ombre affect of black at the base of the bottle. In feeling the bottle is quite weighty but surprisingly the bottle is not glass! It has a glass looking affect but the no risk of the bottle breaking. This is great for travelling because you can avoid the heavy handbag situation!

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The game changer.

The foundation so she has an array of shades and colours absolutely fantastic because we love and appreciate inclusivity for all skin colours. YAAS its definitely 2020. Lets talk coverage. It’s very hard to find a full coverage foundation without it being cakey, the application of 2- 3 layers is totally fine, after 3 layers it does begin to look heavy – but hay when was the last time you wore 3 layers of foundation? Never.

Application tips and tricks:

It is it important that when you apply the foundation you distribute the product with a brush first and then use a sponge to blend it in. This is because with all foundations if you apply the foundation directly on to the sponge it will absorb alot more product causing unnecessary wastage. Or you can totally skip this step and use any of your favourite flat top kabuki brushes. This will really help to blend in the product into the skin flawlessly! The product shoots incredibly, if you are in front of a camera or you are going to be taking lots of pictures be sure for your pictures to come out perfectly filtered! Do not be surprised. It makes the skin just airbrushed and totally smooth

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A small amount of product definitely goes a long way. You can mix some moisturiser in with the foundation if you want a lighter coverage. The application is seamless, The foundation is dewy and if you are not keen on the dewy-ness you can turn it down by applying some powder. You can use any powder or the Huda Beauty Easy Bake any powder is perfectly complementary.

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How long does it last?

The foundation lasts definitely a long time even without any powder and it will last even longer by using a primer. You can use any primer, we would recommend using the Laura Mercier primer. This helps your foundation not to crease or budge. The foundation is nicely fragranced but not in an overpowering way.

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The shade range is very extensive, there is a shade perfect for all!

This foundation is great value for money and is absolutely bang on! We would definitely recommend it. Its multi use, medium to full coverage, however if you want a lighter coverage as mentioned previously your can mix in your moisturiser or even just apply less!

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