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The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette – HUDA BEAUTY UK 2020

So let’s talk about the most raved about seen palette on the Internet. The one and only Huda beauty New nudes palette.

This palette is absolutely divine. When you think about the most perfect everyday makeup palette. This is the palette. When you think about a quick shopping trip eye look. This is the palette. When you think about brunch with the girl or even date night. This is the palette. You can really go natural or go the full hog. It is literally perfection! You really can’t get better than this when it comes to a good old gorgeous eye shadow palette.

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The ultimate must have pallete to start with or add to your collection.

It contains just every gorgeous complementary shade within this palette easy shade is just beautiful. Some glitter shades you apply them onto your eyes with your fingers. This is absolutely fantastic because it just means that you can apply the product so much easily. No messing around with brushes.

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So the best way or best form of application would be to start off with the transitional shades such as ‘teased’, ‘raw’ or ‘teddy’. Use any blending brush to apply this into the socket of your eyes and then (this is where you really step up the eye look) you can go in with the gorgeous shimmery shades. The shimmery shades are they vary from the from gold to pink, to even a gorgeous red tones glitter.It is just divine. After that, what you can do is go in with eyeliner and your favourite mascara. To really go next level add some lashes- a favourite is the lashes in ‘hoodie’ by Huda Beauty.

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The transitional shades come in a lovely gorgeous soft muted pinks, brows and there is also a lovely neutral shape called ‘bare’. There was alittle controversy around the ‘concealed’ shade as this is the concealer in the palette – this bares risk of fall out from other shadows- but as you tidy your kitchen you tidy your palette after use. The eyeshadows bare little fall out when blending. However if you do experience this use loose powder under your eyes to protect the fall out from transferring.

The packaging is also really nice because it’s nice and pink. In weight it is light, great for travelling. You can literally pop it into your handbag and you are good to g. Unfortunately the palette doesn’t come with any brushes.

From a price point of view it is on the pricier side however if you break this up and brought eye shadows singularly then you would pay a lot more!

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If you are a newbie to make up we definitely recommend it, if you are a pro to makeup we also definitely recommend it! This will also make a really nice gift to a loved as the colours do not really go out of fashion. I mean nudes are always going to in. The colours compliment literally every skin tone and the quality is second to none.

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