Niya Beauty Discount is devoted to keep your personal information safe and confidential. We also expect the same from our customers. Kindly read the following privacy policies to understand the mechanism of confidentiality and privacy that Niya Beauty Discount maintains with your information, available with us.

The privacy policy is subjected to change with respect to the decision of the company. To stay updated keep visiting our official web page.

Personal Data

Our team only extract your email address, gender and age while you sign up at our website. The registered user only gets occasional promotion of its interest through emails. Email address is not shared nor sold to any third-party marketers or agencies.

Aggregated information

The gathered information, such as which page a user mostly visits, or access and anything that they volunteer is kept safely with us. As Niya Beauty Discount recognizes and saves IP addresses when a user signs in, it’s important for the user to know that it stays under complete confidentiality of our team. When a user tries to log on any page of Niya Beauty Discount , their IP is saved on our server which is only used for the sake of web traffic analysis.

Use of cookies

Niya Beauty Discount uses cookies just for record-keeping purpose, and to make the user’s experience even better by remembering the passwords and to measure activities on our website.

Newsletters and coupon alerts

Niya Beauty Discount sends newsletters and coupon alerts to the registered users. The newsletter contains information such as new offers, changes in policy or any other major news as we like to keep our users updated. Coupon or discount alerts may vary from user to user, as we collect the data to a user’s preference, individually. These types of periodical emails contain new coupon codes, offers and promotions from the brands a user usually buys and prefer.

Links to other websites

We have links to other websites and which may not follow the same policy as Niya Beauty Discount. We are responsible to maintain the privacy of Niya Beauty Discount users.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or the privacy practices, kindly contact us at or by postal mail at the address given below: