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Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick – Reviews 2020

ROUGE VOLUPTE SHINE by YSL is just stunning. The visuals of the product alone is just incredibly so satisfying and beautiful. The emblem ‘YSL’ logo is perfectly positioned across the coloured lipstick background, presented across the gold packaging. Precisely just impeccable. This lipstick exerts luxury, power and confidence. When you hold this in the palms of your hands, it definitely feels like a very very high-end good quality lipstick. Not only is it a show stopper when you pull this out of your makeup bag, it looks just as show stopping when you apply it! And even more breath- taking when you display it in your makeup budhwar.

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The product itself feels nice and weighty, it feels nice and heavy but not too heavy. Not at all like those cheap plastic, feather light lipsticks you can get. It is a proper lipstick. When you apply the product, it is nice and easy to apply. It comes in the classic lipstick twist up applicator form.

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The lipstick itself is just stunning. The texture is super hydrating, long – wearing and glides on to your lips. It makes your lips look very voluptuous by adding a subtle shine combined with specs of glitter. This makes the lips look very plump and beautiful. What is great about this product is when you apply it, after a few hours it really leaves a gorgeous stain on to your lips. So as the day progresses, your lips look nice and a natural and it marries into the natural lip colour of your actual natural lips!

The elegant gold casing is pure eye candy on your vanity table. It would make the ideal gift. It definitely stands out from the crowd of other lipsticks. Just the packaging alone is just in incredible. The formulation of the lipstick, with 6 key sensorial oils that keep your lips moisturised.

Multi- purpose product.

The product can definitely be combined with lip liner to add some contouring or subtle shaping to your lips. You can definitely use this lipstick on your cheeks as a cheek stain! This is because the product is buttery and ultra light weight so it will blend like a dream on your skin too! To take your blush to the next level, you can apply some powder blush, to really exaggerate and bring out the blush tones in your cheeks and to give you that blushed look.

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The YSL ROUGE VOLUPTE SHINE is definitely a staple must-have in every makeup bag, case or vanity. YSL have a great selection of colours you can choose from to see exactly which one suits your skin tone and completion. It’s a treat! Its one of those products you look at and admire how beautiful it is. It’s too special to use! Its one of those your scared to use because you just want to savour it for- ever and ever! But its one of those products you use and instantly feel fabulous! It instantly lifts up your mood and you feel 1 million dollars!

We definitely recommend this product!

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