If you are starting out in makeup and are looking for a starter palette or you are looking to expand you kit. The Naked 3 palette is just divine. Firstly the packaging. It’s not what counts on the inside, it’s what counts on the outside! The Naked3 palette is just stunning. Stunning to look at,

One of the best most sought after and popular foundations is definitely the ‘Two faced’ – ‘Born this Way’ foundation. When they say its undetectable boy do they mean it! Let us begin with the packaging. The glass, frosty bottle is nice and heavy oozing the expensive, high quality quality feeling. One great factor is

ROUGE VOLUPTE SHINE by YSL is just stunning. The visuals of the product alone is just incredibly so satisfying and beautiful. The emblem ‘YSL’ logo is perfectly positioned across the coloured lipstick background, presented across the gold packaging. Precisely just impeccable. This lipstick exerts luxury, power and confidence. When you hold this in the palms