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The Huda Beauty Over Achiever Concealer

We are all too familiar with that feeling: running on two or three hours sleep, waking up with gigantic bags under our eyes.

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Where your standard concealer just cannot fix. The Huda Beauty over achiever concealer contains 31% pure pigment, which means it has amazing build- ability. Say goodbye to those bags!


The consistency and texture of the product is rather very thick, but this is great because a tiny amount of the product definitely goes a long way. It really does blend into the skin seamlessly when you apply the product, for application be sure to apply this using a brush. The reason why is if you use a sponge it will take up/ soak up a lot more product so it’s better to apply with a brush and then with a damp makeup sponge blend this out.

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This concealer is definitely the finishing touch to your makeup, it makes your makeup just stand out and makes your face look flawless. For that superb highlighted affect use a shade or two lighter. You can then use this as a highlight to brighten your under eyes and define your contour. You can either use it as a concealer, especially if you get the shade similar to your skin tone. Giving you a more of a subtle look.


To ensure your concealer lasts all day you can set this with loose powder for a long lasting flawless finish. However this is not necessary as you can totally rock the concealer all by its self.



This concealer has the super power to cover up absolutely anything! Even with tattoos, scarring, pigmentation it works really well. To get the full- coverage look apply a small amount and the gradually built this up, little but little to get the desired finish. Be super careful to apply too much at one time as it can get cakey.

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A very luxurious application experience…

The squeezy tube has a zamac tip (metal cap) so when you apply this underneath your eyes, it has a gorgeous cooling effect. This helps to de-puff your eyes and is such a sensational feeling. The formulation of the product is fantastic, it contains a wide array of great ingredients. From Green tea which helps reduce discolouration, redness and stress. The Persian Silk Tree extract is also great for anti- inflammatory purposes. Including pollution fighting anti-oxidants. Helping to rejuvenate and sooth the skin. Its great to have makeup that looks after your skin too. We absolutely love it.Image result for huda beauty concealer zamac tip

There is a wide array of shades to choose from. To be specific 30! This is great as these shades can be used for contouring and highlighting. We love how inclusive Huda is with her shade range as there is a lot to choose from for everyone!


Get your shade. If you are struggling to choose which shades to buy, you can choose one closest to your skin tone. After that for highlighting you can choose 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone, for contouring you can choose up to 5 shades darker.

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