Tria Hair Removal laser Review

Tria Hair Removal laser 4X Review UK – Best Permanent Hair Removal

One of the most tedious tasks in life has got to be hair removal! Thick hair, fine hair, peachy fuzz, you name it. With so many tools, gadgets, home remedies what do you do? What is the right way? Is there a right way? One of the hot trends in 2019 was definitely dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is carried out using an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face. This has a great short-term benefit by removing soft facial hair, trapped dirt and oils. However, this treatment only lasts so long- it will be only a matter of time that you would need to have the treatment again.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Review

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The Laborious Task of Shaving!

Again shaving similar to derma planning is a short-term benefit but a long-term chore. This is because to keep hair free you have to constantly keep up the routine of shaving in order to be hair-free. Oh and then there is the risk of razor burns and redness. Ohh and not to forget the ingrown hairs and bumpy skin. Not nice at all.

A More Permanent Solution?

Introducing Tria Hair Removal laser is a great long-term option for hair removal. The Tria reduces hair up to 70% after just a few treatments and in such a small space of time. Compared to going to a salon and paying thousands of pounds on hair removal sessions, the cost of traveling to the salon, the Tria hair removal sessions can be done at the comfort of your own home. No booking, calls to the salon, you literally can pick up your machine and start lazering away those unwanted hairs!

How Tria Hair Removal laser 4X works?

Targets each hair and disables the hair follicles, this machine is FDA – cleared. FDA is an administration body that approves and classifies medical devices) So that basically means that it is safe to use at the same wavelength used by dermatologists. The ‘sciency’ bit – The laser releases a red light that is absorbed by the hair itself as the heat builds up the follicle is disabled which ultimately disables the hair from growing back.

How to Use the Tria Hair Removal Device at Home?

Firstly turn the device on by pressing firmly on power button located on the top of the machine. To unlock the machine you must use the skin sensor, which is at the bottom of the machine. This is great as it has a secondary power on step built-in for safety precautions! There are 5 comfort settings, ranging in intensity, 1 is light and it goes up to 5- being the most powerful. Simply place the laser on to your skin after the beep, lift the laser machine up and the place is around 1/4inch away. Please ensure that you slightly overlap the previously treated spot. Continue this step until you have fully covered the area that you would like to treat. Once the area is treated you can apply some cooling ice or even aloe vera gel to soothe the skin.

Does Tria Hair Removal it Hurt?

The sensation varies from person to person and the area that is being treated. The most accurate way to explain this is rubber bands snapping on your skin. So basically this depends on your pain threshold. You know what they say no pain, no gain!


Ensure the area you are lazering is clean, free from any products, lotions and potions! The area must also be hair free- so there is some shaving involved but as your sessions go on the less you will need to shave!

Your new Lazer Routine?

Begin using your device every 2 weeks. After 6 months you will only need top-up treatments as your hair will eventually fade away! You can then assess according to your skin how often you need to use the Tria machine.

One of the best things about Tria is that it is a one-off investment. Once you love and enjoy the results in one area of your body, you can start treatments in other areas! In the long run, you will save a great deal of money.

The catch?

Consistency! With the Tria, consistency is key if you want a quick fix miracle this is not the machine for you.

If you use this device and keep up with the treatment sessions then you will definitely feel the long-term benefit. Yes, it will take a little longer than shaving or waxing. Spend a little more time and money upfront and save a lifetime of money, time and hassle.

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