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The Elizabeth Arden Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules Radiance Renewal Serum

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsules are incredible. First lets talk about the packaging, it is just beautiful. It comes in a stunning gold container with the classic Elizabeth Arden emblem. The packaging is transparent so you can see the luxurious gold capsules inside. The product looks absolutely beautiful at first glance. This product would look phenomenal on your vanity.

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Lets talk skin.

Serums are really important in terms of your skin care because in skincare terminology serums are like water to your skin. Most people don’t use serums as they feel it may be an extra step in their routine. But the serum is excellent to lock in the moisture.


The Elizabeth Arden Ceramide comes in a relatively generous sized circular capsule. This contains the perfect amount of product enough for your face and your neck. You can even apply this product to your décolletage.

To start using the product literally twist the cap, it breaks open quite easily but you do need to twist it a few times. The use of the capsule is very unique compared to other serums as it keeps the product fresh and hygienic. You can apply the product by rubbing this in your fingers and applying this directly on to clean skin. The warmth of your onto your fingers will warm up the product, then immediately apply this on to your skin in a dabbing motion. Definitely apply this before your moisturizer. The serum penetrates deep into the skin offering more moisturizer than a normal moisturiser. Using the serum as a base to massage the skin is great to optimise the benefits the product brings.

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Wrinkles and crows feet!

This serum provides 178x more effectiveness than traditional vitamin C – banishing prevention is better than cure. So it’s important to add this step into your skincare regime. The capsules known as ceramides replenish the natural lipids that are compromised by pollution/ harsh environmental conditions. This ultimately adds an ultra- hydrating protective barrier to the skin, to seal and add complete nourishment leaving you with dewy, healthy looking skin over time. The capsules have a unique technology that help reveal more radiant hydrated skin, you can get results with just one use!

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If you suffer from hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone this product will definitely help you and introduce that luminosity that you have been searching for.

Good makeup application starts with even better skincare and this is where good skincare starts! It is important to note that for the optimum benefits and use of this product you must combine this with drinking plenty of water. Exercise, a good skincare regime and also one that many of us miss is… washing your make-up brushes/ face towels. It is so easy to lather on many products and expect results but the results for good skin come with a good balance and practice of these attributes. It is also important to have a good well varies diet.

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This product is definitely a mini investment but definitely one to add to the skincare routine. If you want skincare goals this is it!

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