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Your Amazing Vanity Essentials! UK Guide

Having a nice vanity set up is. A special corner of the house, which is all yours, filled with your favourite beauty items, your skincare essentials and pampering products. Each item perfectly presented to welcome you whenever you enter your safe- haven, your boudoir.

Start off by selecting your desk. Here is a selection of different desk styles.

Starting off with the classic, vintage-looking wooden desk:

We then have the stunning mirrored desks – this vanity is very popular to make any vanity look super stylish and outstanding.

Minimalistic and sleek Rattan desk – superbly simple yet very stylish, practical and easy to clean.

A classy outstanding sheek Victorian vintage-looking mirrored desk. An absolute showstopper, guaranteed to make you feel incredible when you sit down and apply your makeup.

Embellished with crystal knobs that feel luxurious to the touch. With curved stylish detailing and a lifting storage unit held in the centre of the desk. This desk has a great deal of storage space where you can keep all your beauty essentials neat and tidy.

The showpiece mirror

This mirror is ideal for the perfect selfie as it contains 3 light changing options where you can use to achieve the best photogenic pictures! Not only this but displaying this above your vanity table will definitely give you that film stare feel.

Make your mirror dazzle by adding lighting! This fabulous strip lighting is perfect for sassing up any mirror. Customise your existing set up with this Hollywood film star lighting.

The perfect vintage looking mirror which can be presented above any desk to bring the vanity together. Truly outstanding and gives a very luxurious feel.

The best way to keep your drawers super organised and tidy is by using acrylic organisers.

These can be kept in drawers to organise and keep products organised or presented on the desk as a gorgeous display.

Another great way to jewellery or smaller items in order is by using this stackable jewellery organiser. This can be kept inside drawers to, one fantastic feature is that when this storage is laid out you can see each item clearly saving you plenty of time looking for items.

Staple items such as cotton buds, makeup removing pads, makeup brushes are items that if not organised correctly can contribute to a lot of mess!

These containers are fantastic in keeping those staple items that are used every day organised and looking tidy all the time. These can be kept on display so that they are easily accessible.

Gorgeous presentation tray where you can display your most favourite items

A twisting carousel that organises your beauty products in a very accessible stylish manner.

Going that step further in storing your brushes.

What better way to keep your brushes upright and tidy than this brush holder. The beads ensure that the brushes are kept securely; this is great as you can pick and chose exactly the brush you see without scrambling around looking for the brush you need.

Extra storage?

This gorgeous minimalistic trolley is excellent for placing all your products in a tidy place. What’s great is that you can move this trolley around easily and store this in a storeroom if required, under a table or even kept beside your vanity desk. The possibilities are endless!

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